About PreGamers

PreGamers LLC was founded in 2019 with one goal in mind; to give experience seekers an outlet to host badass pre-games anywhere for any reason. Our company was founded by lifelong sports and event enthusiasts who thrive on pushing boundaries, wear their passion in their sleeve and live to celebrate “lifetime moments” with family, friends, customers and colleagues. We work hard but we play hard too and that’s who cater to… real life PREGAMERS!

We literally exist for your entertainment and we know “what’s new” is more than just a cliche greeting… It’s an expectation and for experience seekers like us we expect something new quiet often! So, we assembled an arsenal of equipment, resources and a 100 years of event servicing leadership so experience seekers like you get the most personalized and highest quality pregame available.

In an era where our news feeds and TV screens are filled with “fake news” and noise wouldn’t you agree we just want a break from the daily distractions? deep down we’re all just bunch of kids looking for some cool to entertain us, something different, maybe even something for the ‘gram” (wink-smiley face emoji). PreGamers has it covered; fancy TV screens, satellite dishes, surround sound, custom lighting, service staff and in most cases your own private bathroom on board. So what-do-ya say… let’s start pregaming!

At the Pregame, the future is a dream where anything can happen” – Drew Carrick

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